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Oceaneos is a marine research organization engaged in the scientific research and development of nutrient enrichment technology; a method that increases wild fish populations at a local scale, through targeted ocean fertilisation focused on rehabilitating the human-impacted marine ecosystem. Oceaneos has a strong management team covering many years of oceanographic and environmental science supported by a team of leading marine scientists.

Performed in situ and on a small scale, in carefully chosen and controlled environments, Ocean Seeding can be a valuable tool for governments looking for a progressive solution to the growing problem of declining stocks. It has been shown that seeding the ocean with precisely calibrated micronutrients, in the right location and at the right time, can help restore phytoplankton levels, which in turn can stimulate and support growth in zooplankton and fish populations.


Oceaneos represents a true centre of excellence in the field of ocean seeding technology. Driven by the common goal of restoring ocean life on our planet, our people have the experience and expertise to deliver seamless ocean fertilization initiatives. From initial analysis to mapping and data visualization, our solutions ensure that every ocean seeding project undertaken is delivered in a controlled and responsible way – and as per the guidelines of the UN.


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