Scientific Advisors

Scientific advisors serve Oceaneos by providing independent scientific advice and recommendations regarding scientific issues that relate to organizations research programs.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining:

Director of the International GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Exchanges Project) Project Office (IGPO) from 2004 to 2008. Previously he worked for more than eight years for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) with NOAA as the program director for the Project Prediction GEWEX Americas, one of the GEWEX CSEs. In this position he administered 40 to 50 projects and to review the funding process, reports, summaries of presentations and publications. Before joining UCAR, Rick spent several years working for the government of Canada, where he served as Division Chief for Hydrometeorology research group at the National Hydrology Research Center in Saskatoon. He also worked in the areas of policy development in science (Ministry of State for Science and Technology), program planning, policy development and environmental assessment (Environment Canada) in Ottawa. Early in his career he worked as a researcher in meteorology for weather and as an instructor for professional training program in the area of meteorology in government.

NEIL BRANDA – Expert in Materials Chemistry
Professor at Simon Fraser University and director of 4D Labs. He is the Research Chair in Materials Science of the Department of Chemistry at University Simon Fraser. 4D Labs is a research center of $ 80 million, created in order to innovate in advanced materials. Neil is also the founder and director of the NanoCommunity Research Network of Canada. He was recognized in 2006 as one of 40 leaders under 40. In 2005, he won the Stacie Fellowship of the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. 4D LABS is a research center with a focus on accelerating the design, development, demonstration and delivery of advanced and functional materials, and nano-scale devices. Its objective is aimed at promoting intellectual freedom and creativity to advance critical research.
PRABHJOT SODHI – Program Manager United Nations
He is in charge of the Program for Global Environmental Facility (GEF), of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Small Grants Programme (SGP); and Senior Director of the Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) program in India since 2002. He won the Talented Conservator at George Washington University, in recognition of the contributions he has made in the field of biodiversity conservation and living species. He also won the award of the Government of the United Kingdom as Most Excellent Order of the Member of British Empire, for services rendered to the well-being and sustainable development of tribal communities in India, and to maintain the interest of the Governments of India and the United Kingdom. He received the Fellowship Award in All India Young Scientists and Farmers Conference in Allahabad India, and the Certificate of Merit District Collector, Banswara.
LEONARD SONNENSCHEIN – Ocean Conservation Advisor
With 39 years of experience in scientific research, 27 years of experience in education science and innovation, more than 100 publications, and extensive experience in collaborative conservation, he advocates about solutions to climate change through public awareness. He opened the St. Louis Children’s Aquarium in 1993, and June 8, 2004 (World Oceans Day) opened its plant expansion, the World Aquarium. Regularly collaborates with international agencies such as UNESCO, UNEP, WHO, International Ocean Institute, Global Forum on Ocean, Coast and Islands, and as co-founder of the World Ocean Network. Leonard chaired an international committee with over 85 countries represented through a few thousand members representing industry, governments and NGOs, who provide feedback about current environmental issues in the world.