Oceaneos Marine Research Foundation engages in the scientific research and development of Ocean Seeding technology; a method that increases wild fish populations at a local scale, through targeted ocean fertilization focused on rehabilitating the human-impacted marine ecosystem. In conducting business, Oceaneos is committed to stewardship and protection of the environment and ensures the safeguard of public health throughout all operations as stipulated in this Code of Conduct briefing.


LAWS & REGULATIONS We must, at all times, comply with all national and international laws, and environmental protection regulations. All conduct should be well above the minimum standards required. Oceaneos will obtain environmental and other required permits from authorities with regulatory jurisdiction ensuring all scientific research regarding Ocean Seeding is conducted in a responsible manner by national and international law.


SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Taking into account the relevant circumstances, scientific research involving Ocean Seeding should be conducted taking a prudent, step-by-step approach. The nature, scale, duration and intensity of scientific research activities conducted in the environment should be proportionate to the current state of scientific knowledge about the adverse effects of that research activity taking into account the precautionary principle.


The information and knowledge gained at each step will be reported and used to guide future policies and measures and the assessment and authorization of scientific research involving Ocean Seeding in accordance with the relevant rules of local and international law. Oceaneos will ensure that the proposed research activity involving Ocean Seeding has proper scientific attributes, including that the proposed research activity has defined and achievable objectives that aim to contribute to the existing body of scientific knowledge including knowledge relevant to:

  • Understanding the natural processes, components, and structures that may be affected by Ocean Seeding;
  • Understanding the potential environmental risks of Ocean Seeding, including the gathering of data relevant to constructing and improving scientific modeling studies;
  • Understanding the effectiveness of the Ocean Seeding measure, and
  • That the proposed research activity uses the best scientific methods and means that are reasonably available;
  • That the proposed research activity undergoes an independent peer review at appropriate stages of the assessment process;
  • That proponents of the research activity make a commitment to publish the results in peer-reviewed scientific publications promptly.


Furthermore, Oceaneos will make all collected scientific data and outcomes publicly available promptly under the Open Database License (ODbL).


PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLES Where there is a reasonable and educated notion of potential damage, we will take measures to anticipate, prevent, minimize and mitigate adverse effects from Ocean Seeding, including in the conduct of scientific research, without waiting for conclusive scientific proof of that damage.


COOPERATION Oceaneos will promote and cooperate in the full, open and prompt exchange of relevant scientific and other information related to the protection of the environment; and to the environmental, economic, social and other consequences, including, if undertaken, scientific and other information on Ocean Seeding. We will consult and involve all relevant stakeholders, including government, the scientific community, and commercial or artisanal fisheries in the development and execution of Ocean Seeding projects. Furthermore, Oceaneos will contribute to the existing body of scientific information about the environment and the objectives of sustainable development.


COMMUNICATIONS & RECORDS Accurate and reliable records of many kinds are necessary to meet the legal and financial obligations of Oceaneos where records must reflect in an accurate and timely manner all business transactions. In all matters relevant to customers, suppliers, government authorities and the public; we will make every effort to establish complete, accurate, and timely communications – responding promptly and courteously to all proper requests for information and all complaints.


In the course of our partnerships, our public or private partners will entrust us with proprietary and confidential information. We respect the confidentiality of this information at all times, and not disclose, publish or otherwise share this information unless expressly authorised to do so.


EXTERNAL RELATIONS We recognise and appreciate the value of the media in disseminating our point of view and informing governments, industry and the public at large of our mission and goals, Oceaneos will always be honest, unambiguous and politically neutral in all contacts with them. Oceaneos will do everything possible to prevent statements being manipulated or misused to support any political, ethnic or religious viewpoints with which we disagree.